GSuite Dashboards are made using Google Sheets, a Google Site along with the Awesome Table and Google Data Studio. The data is automatically extracted from the school SIS each night, then automatically updates the main data sheet in the spreadsheet, from which all the graphs, charts, and other information is disaggregated into human readable formats. The sheet feeds the data studio project as well as the Awesome-Table so all the data is up to date each morning.

Using a number of features of Google Sheets, we are disaggregating the data from the single auto-updated data sheet to create all the charts and graphs. Unlike some other data warehouse projects, there is no wait time to see the information as the graphs are already built. There are a lot more features that can be accessed when you are actually on the spreadsheet itself, with drop-down validation fields that let you select different teachers, students, etc. At this time I am only displaying the single attendancedash. Below are images of the student dashboard and the teacher dashboard.

Student Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard