Use this behavior tracker to add behavior incidents about students. You can find the student ID in the awesome table below, search for a student by first name or last name (in this generalized data, just type a number between 1 and 2300 and it will jump to a student . We will use this id to query the behavior tab and show behavior incidents as school summaries as well as showing information on the student dashboard. The Awesome Table Advanced Summary view lets you see the summary of the behavior incidents that have been reported on. (Scroll down to see the advance summary view.)


This is the Awesome table view of all your students (downloaded from the SIS so you can easily find the student ID when submitting the behavior referral. Simply search for a first or last name, and then copy the id and paste into the form.

This is a demonstration of the document that can also be created with every form entry, which can then easily be sent to parents when required. Principal/Superintendent can edit this document with more information, then email the parent a pdf of bespoke document.

This is an awesome table advanced summary of the data that is submitted via the google form. As you add behavior incidents using the form above, simply refresh this page to see the new results on the summary data. You can click the three dots at the top right of the summary to do a csv download of the data.